2022-03-13 23:00:00 +0000

every paper, presentation, and project i completed in grad school

I recently completed my dissertation: “Mapping crises, communities, and capitalism on OpenStreetMap”. It was a long and bumpy road, and while I’m processing a v2 version (after sending an initial copy out to everyone I spoke to)… I didn’t want to lose the forest for the trees, and forget about the whole series of processes and projects that led to this point.

In any case, I thought I would release every paper, project, and presentation I’ve ever done in graduate school. Because these projects likely won’t see the light of day (except for when I forcibly try to drop them in everyday conversation), I thought it would give me a moment to reflect on the sheer amount of work that’s been done over the past few years in my little corner of the world.



I also had to give a few presentations about some of the topics, and a few others for for classes. I don’t count those, though.

*Given during my time in graduate school, but not necessarily related to my time there.


I’ll be updating this post with descriptions of each project… coming soon!