2021-03-28 22:00:00 +0000

supply chains & us

over the past few months, my collaborator miriam matthiessen (@miriammthsn) and i have been presenting our new collaboration: supply chains and us. while this is supply we’ll be building up and revisiting in the coming months, i thought i would log some of our progress here.

supply-chains.us was our visual attempt at a digital exhibit. it was our attempt to creatively encapsulate the overwhelming feeling of being in the supply chain, not just the logistical factual nature of it. here are a few screenshots:

main page of supply-chains.us sub page for raw materials

we presented at a few conferences this spring, including MozFest, csv,CONF and RightsCon! it was super exciting to get it out into the world, and we really feel like this is only the beginning.


“The social life of (our) supply chains” (MozFest 2021, discussion & exhibit)

“Data visualization and crowdsourced research: experiments in collective storytelling” (csv,CONF 2021)

“The social lives of our supply chains: crowdsourcing research for collctive education” (RightsCon, 2021)
Note: video is only available on internal RightsCon platform.