2019-09-17 22:00:00 +0000

Greetings from Geneva-- I'm bringing back the blog!

Dear all,

Work and life has meant that I’ve been constantly on the move for the past few months (in all honesty- for the past few years is probably more realistic): somewhere between Kathmandu, Washington DC, and Bristol. It feels good to be living somewhere long(er) term, and I’m excited to be based in Geneva.

Being stationary usually means that there’s time to reflect and digest. For the past few months, I’ve had the opportunity to go through arsenals of old photographs, writings, field notes and emails. While some of that has been posted here, I thought it might be nice to have my own space (as separate from a social network).

This will be a place to post thoughts, reflections, and adventures (both physical and intellectual). I hope that I’ll be able to back-post some old writings, specifically letters and photographs that were sent when I was more mobile than not.

I must admit: blogs have always felt a little weird for me. I mean, why would anyone be interested in anything I have to say? Why take the things that I fiercely protect as private thoughts, and put them into a public space? Especially a ‘public space’ like the internet, where I’m inevitably bound to get myself in trouble? Is it narcissism? Post-teenage angst? A combination of all of the above, perhaps?

I’d like to think that this place will be a bit more than that. First and foremost, I’d like this blog to be for those that were too far away to know what I was up to at the time, and well as for anyone that happens to be interested in what I’m up to these days. Perhaps more selfishly: this blog will also be for myself, a way of keeping myself accountable to writing, publishing, and digesting the world as my lens evolves. Finally, this is my small attempt at control over my digital half life, and over the parts of myself that are shared online.

I’ll inevitably make mistakes, but I might as well try. Let’s see what happens!